The mastering


The masterisation is the deployment of a previously created master, on a computer park, in order to make it homogeneous. A master will allow you to obtain on all the tablets of a computer park, a Windows personalized according to the needs of each collaborator.

Why ?

Masterise a computer is a powerful tool used to be faster and easier for the network manager.

How to masterise a computer:

  1. In a first time we have to have a computer in original state, without os. Then we will go in the “BIOS” and will put off the “secureboot”. Its better when we start the os in network mode.
BIOS of a « lenovo » computer.

2. When this is done we will go back up the network in de boot priority:

3. After that we have to connect de computer with the network with the RJ45 cable and restart de computer

Now the computer start with the (for me in my internship it’s the company image of windows) we will have on the screen a password to enter the network’s image of windows

When the image of the os is downloaded we have to select the type of the equipment and its name.

To finish the equipment will retart with the OS and the software you need and connected to the windows “active directory”