How to export and import a database and make relation on phpmyadmin ?

Export and import a database on phpMyAdmin.

-for export the database click on the bottom « Exporter » at the top of the screen.

-in Export method if you choose « Quick, show only a minimum of options » you just have to choose the format in general it is SQL.

if you choose « Custom, show all possible options » you have to choose the right format which is also in general SQL, choose your data base that you want to export you have the possibility to change the name of your base of columns and tables. you have to keep the character set in « utf8″ and the » file name model. there are also several parameters in addition

for import a database click on the bottom « importer » at the top of the website

click on the « choose a file » button select your database on your folder and click on the bottom « execute  » after your database is placed with the rest of the database.

who make relation on phpmyadmin

for make relation on PhpMyAdmin frist creat a database with columns and tables .

once the database created click on the « design » button at the top of the site.

you will arrive here place your tables well you will find there.

Once done, go to the left menu and select « new relationship ».

place your mouse on tuple of a table and link it to another tuple of another table in general we link them between primary or foreign keys.

and now you know how to export and import a database and make relations in your databases with PhpMyAdmin!!!!

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