Mastered Réseau des Communes

What is Réseau des Communes ?

Network of Municipalities is a Neopse platform that allows municipalities to create their own websites at a lower cost. This service is chargeable with various more or less expensive services.

How to get there ?

The first stape is going to NEOPSE for créate a acount, her service is not free for all services.
Now your account is créate, entrer your e-mailo and your login for start.

How to make a web-site ?

Now, you créate a account and your here :

Clic to « My project » for choose or créate a project.

Now clic to  » my website  » to start creating your website with Reseau des Communes.

The tools :

You now have a site, all you have to do is dress it up according to your tastes or those of your employer, for this we will use the various tools at our disposal.

Settings :

The technical tab offers you the possibility of making your site closed to the public while you create the site, this tab also allows you to choose the name of the site if you wish to change it.

The Area name tab allows you, as its name suggests, to change your area name.

For the moment the messaging tab is useless, so it does interest us.

The multilingual tab allows you to change the base language of your site, you can also activate multilingual so that other countries can understand what is written on your site.

You won’t need to touch the contribution for your site, so there’s no need to go.

Configuration :

On to the configuration, it is one of the most important parts for your site, first of all go to the Arboressance.

You can see that all the categories of the site are present, you can create new ones with the button « I add a tab », you just have to choose the name of the latter

Now seeing the model, you can choose a model among the many available and then you will arrive here:

You can choose the display order of future data, the text color, the background color, that of the tabs and their locations.
Once your changes have been made, all you have to do is save the model.

For contacts just add a contact mailbox, beware of spam, this ceiling does not prevent them.

Let’s go to the legal notice tab, this one will not be used to develop your site, nevertheless it allows to prove that your site belongs to you.

Finally, personalized widgets, it is a paid offer proposed by NEOPSE, it is not essential to have a good website.

Have content :

At this stage, you have the form and the content, all you need is the content, to add more, click on the « information » tab.

You have different possibilities to have quality content, all are not used for the same things and some only work with a few modules, the diary will only work with the « diary » page that you can choose in « configuration » , but what you will use the most are the « contents » :

You can create an infinity of content, choose the section in which they are posted, their status (active / inactive), you can also furnish them as you see fit thanks to content modules :

All that remains for us to do is talk about special modules, these allow you to create registers where you can put associations, or the register of doctors they are found in anular :

There you have it, now you know how to make a site with Réseau des Communes.

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