About Colibri

Colibri is a beautiful, extremely customizable, multipurpose theme that you can use to create an amazing website by drag and drop. It comes with a predesigned home page, 5 header designs and over 35 ready to use content blocks that you can easily customize. You can also design your own custom blocks by combining over 25 drag and drop components. Colibri has lots of customization options (video background, slideshow background, header content types, etc.) that will help you create a website that stands out in no time. It is also responsive so it works on mobile devices out of the box.

Create a site

  1. Getting started

First of all, add the Colibri Page Builder extension in the Plugins page. Click on “Add New” and search “Colibri Page Builder” and install it.

2. Add content

Go back to your site and click on ”Personalize”.

To Add content start by creating a new block at the bottom of your page and select your structure.

Click on the “+” on the newly created page and add the content you wan’t to add. It can be image, text, videos button or others.

You just have to drag and drop it on the “+” you want it to be. After that you can just click on the component added to open a window where you can add styles, add options or change the font by clicking on “Content”, “Style” or “Advanced”.

3. Add a footer

Go to the “menu” section.

Create a new menu, give it a name and select which menu do you want it to be.

Then click on add elements and add the pages you want to see on your menu.

4. Add a footer

Click on the “+” on the footer section and select the type of footer you want to add to your site by clicking on it. (Note that footer with the ”Pro” mention means you have to pay for it)

The footer has now appeared at the bottom of your page. If you want to change it go to the newly created footer’s setting.

In the settings you can change the layout and the style of the footer. (The advanced settings are solely for the “Pro” members)

You have now everything in your hands to create your own page using Colibri.

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