active directory

The ad is a centralized directory where you can create several users and join machines

The whole thing forms a network Avec ce compte utilisateur on va pouvoir se connecter avec n’importe quelle machine du domaine

The interests of a directory :

Centralized and simplified administration: the management of objects, especially user and computer accounts, is simplified because everything is centralized in the Active Directory. Moreover, we can rely on this directory for many additional tasks such as the deployment of group policies on these objects.

Unify authentication: a user authenticated on a machine, itself authenticated, will be able to access resources stored on other servers or computers registered in the directory (provided he has the necessary authorizations). Thus, one authentication will allow access to an entire information system later on, especially since many applications are able to rely on the Active Directory for authentication. A single account can provide access to the entire information system, which is very interesting for employees.


Identify objects on the network: each object registered in the directory is unique, which makes it easy to identify an object on the network and then find it in the directory.


– Reference users and computers Directory: the directory is like a huge database that references the users, groups and computers of an enterprise. This database is used to perform many operations: authentication, identification, group policy, software deployment, etc.


To add a machine to the domain : you must have a windows pro version

Change the name of the machine to identify it to the domain

Go to system add domain name


then log in with a domain fan account, 

to add a user 

our machine is now in the domain

List of different users to add on the domain 

in company if a person works on a fixed station one can associate a user with a machine 

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