How to use Centreon Web interface

Centreon is a IT supervision platform for systems and networks. The platform IT provides simple interface to make viewing the state of the system accessible to a lot of users.

  • You have two Centreon platforms. The first one is your production platform while, the second one is used to test new plugins or template developments.
  • After installing the Centreon Api Web Import Export module on both platforms, connect to the Centreon web interface of your test platform.

  • Here is a configuration to test a website.

This one is functional: all services are in ok status.

  • The Host has been added from a configuration template provided by the “HTTP Server “Plugin Pack.
  • A host group has also been created to group all websites together.
  • To export this configuration, go to the “Configuration > Import / Export” menu. Several search filters are present.
  • Here I am going to export my host store.centreon.com and its associated configuration by entering its name in the associated search filter.

And then clicking on the export button. The configuration is automatically downloaded, and I can now import it on my second platform.

  • Second platform: Let’s go to the « Configuration> Import / Export » menu, under « Import » menu, select our previously downloaded configuration and click on the « Import » button.

After import the configuration of my host is present as well as my host group.

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